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May 25, 2015


Words. They have power. Never under estimate them. They can uplift or destroy. Words can soothe or cause pain. They can provide hope or create despair. There is the spoken word and the words that you say to yourself. Your self talk sets the stage for the way you feel and behave. What are you telling yourself? Are you being positive and kind or making stuff up that is leading you to have self doubt, anxiety and be paralyzed in fear? 

God created the universe with his spoken word. Jesus healed and cast out demons with the words he spoke. God has given you the gift of his Word. They are yours to read, speak and hear. They have power, well, beyond words. He provided you with the Bible, and placed his Word in your heart, so you will never be without the strength and power available to you. His Word provides hope, peace, strength and love.  

Fill up and feast on God's Word. Don't restrict his word and fill up on the negative expressions of the world or those that seek to tear you down. God's Word is the most powerful tool you have. When you fill your mind and heart with God's Word your life will reflect all God has for you.

"May I never forget your words; for they are my only hope." Psalm 119:43

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