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May 26, 2020


Photo Credit Casie Steele 
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We are living in unprecedented times. There is change, fear, and for some even panic, as the world adjusts and reacts to the threat of disease and an unraveling economy. During this time of significant life adjustment there is confusion and turmoil across the globe. 
How are you doing in all of this? Are you handling things with grace or have you been in a frenzy, feeling troubled and worried?

The way you react during these times reveals a lot about what you are rooted in, where you draw your strength from and your view of life. If you are rooted in the world and all its treasures, conveniences and niceties you may be quite unnerved. You actually may be feeling hopeless, paralyzed and frustrated. You aren't sure who to believe or trust. 

The media messages are much different from the message delivered through God's Word, prayer and a relationship with Jesus Christ. When you are rooted in Jesus, the Word and God's promises, you are likely to be feeling a bit awe struck.You realize the events unfolding are not a surprise to God. He has a master design for good and has things well in control.  

Stay rooted and grounded in Jesus. When you are, you will be steadfast in your daily journey with sure footedness and grace. As you trust in God and have a deep connection to Him, you will be provided divine direction and wisdom to navigate the chaos of the world.

"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good" 
Genesis 50:20

Apr 10, 2020

On the Other Side of Tomorrow

Photo credit Marilyn Drone
Times right now may be hard, confusing and quite worrisome for most of us. There are what-ifs, hows, whens, and some very candid I don't knows. If only, we should have and whys are part of the virtual and literal conversations. Truth be told we are all only human. Even with all of the fancy technology and state of the art advances we still are not, and never will be, God. 

God knows all, sees all and understands all. He is the source of life and orchestrator of the universe. His ways are different than human ways. We can never comprehend the complexity of life as God knows it; nor are we in the position to even try. Instead, we look to him in faith for grace, favor, peace, and wisdom that only he can provide. 

Yes, today may be hard, confusing and worrisome but on the other side of tomorrow there will be greater clarity. People will have discovered their purpose. Families will be stronger. Relationships will have more meaning. Things will certainly be different, however God will remain the same. He will continue to be the God of miracles and wonders and His Son will still be Savior of the world. 

On this Easter, rise up and know without a doubt that your future with Jesus Christ is gloriously secure because He is already in your tomorrow and forever.

Then Joshua told the people to purify themselves, "For tomorrow", he said, "the Lord will do a great miracle." Joshua 3:5

Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family.

Mar 25, 2020

Focus on God

 Let's face it, it's a very unsettling time right now. There is an invisible virus enemy, economic fallout, illness, and great uncertainty. As you listen to or read the news you will likely grow anxious and worried. You may become focused on the negative and lose sight of the the big picture and blessings in your lives. You may believe the current reality is all there is and that things will not improve. 

The truth is you are in a "valley" on life's journey. The landscape of your life goes beyond valleys.There is a beautiful mountain top with a clear view just up ahead. You are blessed and there are so many more blessing that already have your name on them. They are yours! They just may be out of clear focus right now. 

 Lift your sights to the Heavens.  Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will guide you along the way out of the valley and up to the highest peaks where all is clear and well. 

"But when I am afraid. I will put my trust in you."
Psalms 56:3

Feb 9, 2020

Soul Restoration

How are things with your soul? Not sure? Just like your body, your soul can become depleted, tired, overwhelmed and have the life drained from it. That is not what God intended. He desires for you to have a soul full of light, love, peace and rest. Much like a home restoration, your soul may be in need of restoration, repair, and refreshing. 

God is the lover and restorer of souls. He alone turns dark to light, chaos to calm, and despair to love. Perhaps you need a total soul makeover. Has it been a while since you let God in to clear away the cobwebs, break down the walls, remove the old damage and created a fresh and glowing place where you and He can unite and rest?

Ask God in! Say, "Father God, I need you. Thank you for restoring my soul and for sending the Holy Spirit in to wipe away the old and Jesus Christ to create in me the new."

"The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me to lie down in green pastures, he leads me besides quiet waters, he restores my soul." Psalm 23:1-2

Nov 23, 2019

Scared Encounters

Photo Credit: Casie Steelehttps://www.facebook.com/SteeleaPeekPhotography/

These days, frustrating encounters are all too familiar. You know, they are the encounters where you are mumbling under your breath, shaking your head in disbelief and telling yourself to just be calm, let it go, and take a breath. It may happen in traffic, with an inconsiderate individual at work or a relative that reacts emotionally to something you innocently said. Hopefully, the number of frustrating encounters you experience is lower by far than those of sacred encounters.

Sacred encounters are interactions that touch your heart and soul on a deeper level. It’s a melting of two spirits for what may be a short time, and even so you are amazed, knowing something incredibly powerful just occurred. They are the moments spent being so present and real with someone you actually lose track of time. It’s meeting a total stranger and feeling incredibly familiar and comfortable, as though you have known them your entire life. The encounters you experience where love replaces fear, erases shame, or transcends differences are sacred encounters.You walk away from the encounter changed, moved and a better person as a result. 

Sacred encounter are not to be taken for granted. They are ordained magnificent gifts tied up in a bow of awe. They leave you knowing they were deliberately designed for a purpose by God himself.
This Thanksgiving, remember to give praise to God for the sacred encounters you have experienced, and for the ones he will provide to you in the days to come.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. 
Colossians 3:17