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May 5, 2014

Hitting the Target of God's Will

Much is said about God's will. If something untoward or unexpected occurs some will say, "It was God's will." When a great miracle occurs, that too is said to be God's will. Still, you may wonder, what exactly is God's will? What is it he wants or expects of you? Perhaps you don't know if you are hitting the target of God's will for your life. Perhaps you really can't tell if you are on target or miles off base. 

Don't mistake challenges and life's difficulties as a sign that you are not doing what God wants you to do. Often the enemy will attack and try to block you from doing what you should are called to do. That is why it is so important for you to spend time with God and in his Word so that you will know what he is asking of you. It may be that you are a wife and mom raising a family and sharing God with them. Perhaps you are a teacher or other professional making a difference in the lives of children or the elderly.

Being in God's will means you are doing his work as only you can do, that it gives glory to God and is aligned with God's Word. Don't expect fanfare or flashing lights signaling that you are on track. God's is much more subtle.You will need to listen with your heart and tune down the world to hear him. When you do, you will know clearly when you are in his will and on target. 

 They turned back from entering the Promised Land and disobeyed as their fathers had. Like a crooked arrow, they missed the target of God’s will. Psalm 78:57

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