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Jan 13, 2013

Heart Warming

About this time of the year, all eyes search for the first glimpse that the end of winter is near. Day light has already begun to last 10 mins or so longer than it did just 2 or 3 weeks ago. The stores too have sold off or put away all signs of the winter season and brought out the summer yard furniture. Believe it or not, the Target by my home has started displaying swim suits! Really though, it will take more that those few things to impact and warm us up. While you wait for the warmer weather, why not get a head start with just warming up your heart. 

You may choose to read some heart warming stories or watch a sweet tale of love on TV. Sit by the fire and sip a cup of peppermint tea with your toasty warm socks on. If you are a Facebook fan, there are lots of heart warming stories that are shared about people that have been prayed for and healed. YouTube has videos that will warm any heart, including those about miraculous reuniting tales of soldiers and even their dogs.

Still, with all the attempts you can make to warm your heart, there is nothing to compare to the way you feel when Jesus takes up residence there. His mere presence has a heart warming effect on you. Just knowing that he is always near and providing all you need is more than enough don't you think?

Yes, it may be the dead of winter but with Jesus in your heart everything feels just right.

But I trust in your unfailing love: my heart rejoices in your salvation. Psalm 13:5

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