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Oct 7, 2012

You Are My Oasis

Where do you call home? Perhaps you live in the mountains where it is green and cool. Home for you may be along the coast with the smell of the sea and the beautiful sight of the waves and seagulls. You may live in the city right in between tall buildings and street traffic or in the suburbs among charming landscaped homesites. There are many that call home a small village, while others live in a traveling home or have a home that varies with the seasons. 

No matter where you have your home, there very well will be times when you find yourself far from God and wandering in the desert. The desert can be lonely and uncomfortable. You may feel as though you are lost and unsure of the right direction for your life. When you are far from God it is common to experience confusion, hopelessness, and a feeling of emptiness.  In essence, you may feel like you are thirsting for something more but unable to fill the void or be at a place where you are refreshed or restored. 

Jesus Christ is your oasis in the desert of life. He is a cool, refreshing drink to your soul. He alone can restore you and provide the hope, peace and direction you so desperately seek. His presence in your life is all you need to be whole. He will fill you up to overflowing and provide all you need to be the person you were created to be in Christ. You don't have to travel through life empty and alone. Jesus longs to be your travel companion and life long guide. His oasis awaits you! Don't wander in the desert alone any longer. Ask him to join you in the journey and surrender your life to Christ. 

"O God, you are my God: I earnestly search for you. My soul thirst for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water." Psalm 63:1

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