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Aug 5, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

A few days ago while in the middle of a conversation, the individual I was speaking to said, "Wait, I just had an epiphany!" They went on to state something that was obvious to me but was a revelation to them. I was a bit perplexed at how this knowledgable person had never before understood something so common and clear. It was as though they were blind to a simple truth and had to discover the answer through a long and frustrating course of events.

This scenario reminded me about the truth of Jesus Christ. There are so many who have their eyes and ears shut to the Gospel and are struggling through life. They are unable to understand the most precious and perfect truth of all times. They are, in a sense, running on empty. Even though the answer to fill them up is available, they are unable to receive the blessing. 

Why does this happen? What causes an individual to be blind to the beauty and miracle of Jesus Christ? Why are there so many who chase after empty substitutes and twisted lies? If you wondered about this, consider your own story of when your eyes were first opened to Christ. You and I once were also in darkness and thankfully experienced our own epiphany. There may be someone in your life that does not yet know Christ. They may discover Him when they see Christ in you. Be prayerful and keep your eyes wide open to that possibility. The miracle of an epiphany can happen at any time.

"When they opened their eyes, they saw only Jesus." Matthew 17:8

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