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Jul 29, 2012

God Knows

There you are. You have needs, desires and dreams. You share them with those closest to you and with God.  Protection, health, abundance, wisdom, and favor are just a few of the many prayers whispered. There are prayers for family, friends, strangers, and for yourself. At times the response is silence or even "no". Yet more often than not, the prayers are answered by your loving Heavenly Father.  

God knows the desires of your heart. He is always listening and hears every word spoken by you. You are important to Him and he wants the very best for you, but that is not all. God is also well aware of the struggles, heartache, and the pain you experience. He hears you when you worry and sees your tears when you cry. He understands the difficulties and He knows that in Him you have the strength to rise above even the most challenging circumstances. 

It would be easy for God to intervene so that your life would be one of nothing but smooth sailing. Still, he knows that it would not be what is best for you. The easy way will keep you from seeing God's glory. It will hid his grace and power from being manifest in your life. God knows exactly what you need to be the amazing person he created you to be. God knows. Trust Him. Follow Him. Love Him. Know Him.

But even if we don’t feel at ease, God is greater than our feelings, and he knows everything. 1 John 3:20

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