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Jul 22, 2012

The Voice of Truth

It may be impossible to know for sure, but undoubtedly you hear thousands of messages every day. Just watching television, or listening to the radio, exposes you to a constant barrage of messages. Add to that conversations between yourself and others, and conversations between those around you, and it makes for a very noisy day. All that talking contains voices of reason and some that are irrational. There are words of wisdom and expressions of absolute rhetoric. It may be difficult to distinguish between the voice of truth and accuracy versus those of deception and confusion.

Many people will attempt to tell you what to think, how to act, and what to believe. They will try to persuade you, convince you and lead you to conclusions that are aligned with their thinking or motives. In the midst of all that, it may be difficult to determine the truth unless you are in Christ.  

When you are in Christ, you hear with ears of the heart. You clearly know fact from fiction, honesty from fantasy, and truth from fabricated non-sense. God's voice is the Voice of Truth. Those that know and listen to Him have clarity and understanding even when chaos and confusion is all around them. God will provide you with exactly what you need to cut through the facade and get to the truth. Know God, know the truth. 

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

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