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Oct 16, 2011

God of Wonders

If you ever really understood the magnitude of God and the wonders He has accomplished in your life, you would not take anything for granted.You would marvel at the precision and efficiency of the cells and muscles in your body. You would stand in awe of the way the details and subtleties of your life flowed together like an artist's masterpiece. You would be moved to tears about the grace and mercy available to you through Jesus Christ the Son of God. He is the God of wonders. He is the author of the Heavens and the earth and everything that fills the earth. It may just be humanly impossible to comprehend!

Perhaps that is why you:

Doubt instead of rejoice
Worry instead of move in faith
Keep God to yourself instead of share Him with others
Live in fear instead of trust God’s power
See limits instead of the endless possibilities

He is the God of Wonders! Need proof? Look in the mirror. You are just one example of God’s magnificent creation. Live today and tomorrow, and every day, in honor of the wonders God has done for you.

“You are the God of miracles and wonders! You still demonstrate your awesome power.” 
Psalm 77:14

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