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Jul 10, 2011


Honesty is something that most people say they value. Knowing the unedited, real life truth is an expectation of most and desire of many. Just think about it. Why would anyone not want to have pure honesty in their life and dealings with others? Honesty is not always a welcome visitor. It is frequently pushed aside, ignored, or attacked. Honesty is invited when it is popular, safe, and requested. 

Jesus came to deliver the truth but his message was not accepted. His honesty, although refreshing and liberating to some, presented a threat to many. Still, the honest truth remained. It was not lost, forgotten or eliminated just because there were people that failed to embrace it. The honest truth about the majesty and mystery of Christ still exists. Those that know it are blessed indeed, honestly.

"The LORD is truthful; he can be trusted." Psalm 33:4

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