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Jul 3, 2011

Fresh Start

There is nothing quite like a fresh start.  The excitement of beginning something brand new and anticipating all the possibilities is invigorating. The old is put away like the closed last chapter of a familiar book and a new story begins to unfold. Fresh starts allow you to bring along the memories of what came before but open up a whole new world of unchartered territory. It’s like a breath of fresh air filling you up with energy!  You place your sights on the future and all it has in store.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate fresh start. He closed the book on the law and oppressive rules. He established a new covenant and triumphed over death. His ultimate sacrifice opened the door to new life and eternity for those choosing to believe and accept Him as their savior. There is no one else that can transform a broken, used up and tired life into a bright, new, vivacious one.

Yes, Jesus Christ is the answer for a refreshed, restored, and reprioritized life. There is nothing that compares. He is glorious, unshakeable and unstoppable. It is not too late to freshen up in Christ!

"Bring us back to you! Give us a fresh start." Lamentations 5:21

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