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Apr 23, 2011

Right Before Your Eyes

The search is on. Some where out there is the answer, the next big thing, the latest and greatest that will fill the void and create exactly what you need. It is sure to be glamorous, trendy and sensational. It will meet all of your requirements and pre-determined expectations. Most likely it is expensive, rare, unique, or in some way purely exceptional. You seek, you look and you wonder where exactly you will find "it". What if that which you are seeking is already right before your eyes, right there in front of you? 

When Jesus walked among the religious leaders and people of his time they too were seeking. They were waiting for the Messiah and had all the answers. He would appear as they envisioned, look the way they had imagined and come from the "right" lineage. Most never saw the Christ right in front of them. They missed his brilliance, teachings, magnificence and majesty. They were blind to his miracles and, in fact, wanted to destroy the very God they so longed to meet.

What about you? Are you blind to Christ in your life? Are there blessings you are missing as you view life through restricted worldly lenses? Have you overlooked or grumbled about individuals or circumstances that have been divinely placed in your life? This Easter, open your eyes and heart to Jesus. Look beyond your blinders and biases to the simple, humble, perfect answer that God has provided right before your eyes in Jesus Christ.

"God blesses those people whose hearts are pure. They will see him!" Matthew 5:8

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