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Mar 13, 2011

All Filled Up

The world measures wealth by way of financial indicators. Those with the most assets are said to be wealthy. Earthly wealth is temporary because, as they say "you can't take it with you." Sure, there are some that are able to leave their wealth to others through inheritance but even so, continued wealth is not guaranteed. 

God has a whole different definition and concept of wealth. His wealth is given to others through the gift of Jesus Christ. For those that know and love Him, there is no greater inheritance. When you have Christ you are filled up and overflowing in grace, joy, peace, and love. This is true wealth and it can not be measured or counted. It is priceless. Whether you acknowledge it or not you are filled up with something. It may be earthly wealth or it may be Christ. Only you know for sure. Chances are that you will have the ability to influence others as they move on their journey to gain wealth. You are perfectly poised to encourage them to look beyond the world's view and to seek instead to know and understand the Lord. In Him you are wealthy beyond measure and your treasuries overflow.

"Those who love me inherit wealth. I will fill their treasuries." Proverbs 8:21

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