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May 23, 2010

There are moments when life is so sweet, and the situation perfect. That is when you feel a tug of your heartstrings.Yes, you have heartstrings. No, you will not see them noted in the latest edition of Gray's Anatomy (the reference book that is not the TV show). Heartstrings are not considered in your annual or semi-annual physical exam. They are total invisible but very real. 

You certainly can imagine and are well aware of the sensation that occurs during a heart string tug. It is commonly described as "just melting". When you are walking with Jesus Christ you are bound to experience this very thing quite often. Heartstrings are tugged in the most innocent and genuine moments.  It may happen when you witness the sweet smile of a child, the pudgy thighs on a one year old, the loving gaze between two sweethearts, or the pure exhilarated expression of joy displayed by a family member as their loved one returns from deployment.

This is more than an emotional response. The Holy Spirit has a hand in these moments. He is stirred when love, beauty, joy, and peace are displayed and He lets you know it. The next time you feel your heartstrings being tugged by Him take notice. Is there something you should be doing in response? He may be trying to alert you to a moment that is tender and special for a reason. It could just be to bless you or it could be to move you in a way that you would reach out and bless others. Smiling, saying thank you and sharing kind words or responding with a totally random act of  kindness may be just what is in order. You'll know exactly what to do. Just listen with your heart.

"Who endowed the heart with wisdom and gave understanding to the mind?" Job 38:36

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