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Mar 14, 2010

Story Telling

There is an information explosion occurring all around you. On-line communication, big screen TV messages, satellite radio, and the ever popular word-of-mouth fill your mind with data, news, and stories almost every waking hour of every day. There are heart-warming stories and troubling stories, and then there are the stories that really touch your life and make an impression on your life. Jesus was an amazing story teller. He used stories to demonstrate the point he was trying to get across. He shared a multitude of stories with a multitude of people. Most were impacted and embraced the message allowing Jesus to change the landscape of their hearts and minds. Others listened to the stories and were unchanged.

Your life is a story. There are portions of it that have already been written and others that are still to unfold. You may not have been able to influence the story prior to knowing the Lord, but now that you belong to Him you can allow Him to lead you in ensuring your life story is one worth telling. There are many real life characters in your life story that will be positively influenced by you. Some will even have their life story changed because of you. You can introduce them to the Lord and be a real hero to them. The best part about stories is that they are told for generations. The life story you are in the midst of right now may touch someone in a generation or two without you even knowing it. God designed you for a purpose. Live your life in Him in a way that will make your story one he is proud of. 

"Anyone presenting his own ideas is looking for praise for himself, but anyone seeking to honor the one who sent him is a good and true person. ' John 7:18

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