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Mar 21, 2010

The Tree

There was a fruit tree planted in a public place that fell victim to economic times. The city made a decision to no longer provide for the tree because of the cost of maintaining it. There was, however, one man that lived near by and found the decision to be unacceptable, so several times each week he sacrificed his needs, time, and money to provide water to the tree. He would rise early before the light of day and make his way to the place where the tree stood. At first, the tree was barren and lifeless, but it began to show signs of new buds and after a time began growing beautiful green leaves.
Soon, the citizens of the city started to take notice. They wondered how the tree, which all had given up for dead, had suddenly started to blossom and even provide some shade. Still the man continued to make his way to the tree to water it and smile about its progress and beauty. After a time, the tree began to produce the sweetest and most colorful fruit. The citizens were in awe! They were happy to take the fruit from the tree and enjoy its goodness.They were so thankful for the shade the tree provided and many set blankets out on warm days to rest beneath its branches and enjoyed the sound of the birds that nested there.

Eventually, some desired a tree just like it and began demanding that the city produce more tress. They argued that they were entitled to have them. The mayor was stumped. He had eliminated all care for the tree and yet it flourished. He had to find out the tree's source of life. He mounted hidden cameras around the tree and in just a few days he had his answer. There, on videotape, he witnessed the man arriving at the tree before the break of daylight to water it.

Elated at his finding he called a meeting of all the citizens and invited the man to speak. The man told his story of his love for the tree and how he sacrificed to bring it the water it needed to live. He described how  he woke early, several times a week and carried the heavy water containers, and sometimes fertilizer, to the tree and, yes, how he even talked to it. He told the citizens that if they were willing to spend their time and money, the city could have an abundance of shade producing fruit trees.Give up something to get trees of life? No way! Forget it. There was unanimous agreement by the citizens that the one tree the man had sacrificed for would suffice. So off they went and there alone stood the man in disbelief. Everyone wanted to enjoy the fruit of his labor, but not one person was willing to invest what it took to have the same blessing. Amazing!

What about you? Are you witness to the abundant life that someone you know has because they have surrender to Jesus Christ? Do you desire to have the relationship with Christ that they enjoy but are unwilling to die to yourself so that He can fill you up with new life and allow you to bear much fruit? Christ's sacrifice and living water is available to anyone that will come to Him, repent of their sins and acknowledge Him as the Lord of their life. He is the way, the truth and the life and He is available to everyone that is willing to know,  honor, and walk with Him.

"The Lord himself is my inheritance. He is my food and drink, my highest joy! He guards all that is mine. He sees that I am given pleasant brooks and meadows as my share. What a wonderful inheritance!" Psalm 16: 5-6

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