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Mar 7, 2010


All too often people are judged by their appearance. Skin color, physical features, dress, even the city they reside in and type of car they drive can paint a picture from which conclusions can be drawn. These qualities, visible to the human eye, serve as a point of reference but it is the hidden aspects of a person's life that establishes so much more about their true character. You cannot tell from a glance much about a person's morals, dreams, experiences, or the circumstances that have molded and shaped their life. You can trust your eyes to give you a glimpse of who they are, but really need to count on the eyes of your heart to know them. It takes time, dialogue, and an open mind to get beyond appearances.

Jesus was judged (and still is) by where he came from, the words he spoke, his actions towards others, and what people said about him. He was viewed as different, intimidating, and even radical. There were some that went beyond appearances and took the time to know him. Their lives were transformed in an amazing way. The rest thought they knew him and merely denied him or focused their indifference on trying to get rid of him.

What about you? Are you one that judges people based on their appearance, position, or what you have heard about them? Do you take the time to open the eyes of your heart to get to know and understand others in a way that may actually change their life or yours for the better?

How about your relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you walk with him in a way that you were told to by your parents? Have you invested the personal time to get to know him in a way that others in your life may not have even discovered? Do you really know him or are you basing your relationship on years of hearsay and tradition? This Easter Season give yourself the gift of learning to know Jesus in a new way. Read the Word yourself rather than counting on someone reading it to you from a pulpit. Do some research on the reason for the traditions that you practice that are man-made rather than from God and ask yourself why you practice them. Take a break from the rote and routine process and venture into quiet prayer and reflection on exactly what it is you do every day in your so called Christian life. You may be surprised to find that you have some aspects of your life and your relationship with others and God that need to be improved. Things are not always what they appear to be. Thankfully God knows that and loves us any way.

"They replied, "Are you a wretched Galilean too? Search the scriptures and see for yourself - no prophets will come from Galilee." John 8:52

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