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Nov 18, 2018

Soul Space

Photo Credit Dean Johnson
There is a space in your life that only God can fill. You can't see it or feel it like other parts of your being. It resides within your spirit and much like your beating heart it is constantly moving, sustaining, and providing. It is your soul space. That unique, everlasting part of you created to connect you to eternity. Your soul space needs attention and care like the rest of you. It flourishes and thrives on love, kindness and alignment with your creator - God. 

How are you caring for your soul and what is filling up your soul space? Are you feeding it daily with the Word or are you starving it because you spend time only in earthly things including stress, worry, negativity and grief? Much like your diet and filling your body with healthy foods and nourishment, your soul needs to be filled up in a positive way. 

Today is a great day to step away and pause for a soul space check up. Sit quietly, clear yourself of distractions and ask yourself how life is going. Are you balanced, joyful, grateful and enveloped in the love of Christ? Are you connected to the very source of life and filling up daily on His sustaining peace? If not, your soul space is depleted and in the need of refreshment and restoration. Spend time listening to God's voice. Read the Word and pray for peace. Fill up on the Holy Spirit's warm embrace. Seek beauty and grace. 

You are what you eat and when it comes to the space that harbors your soul, you are what you watch, think, and fill your life's moments up with. Choose to fill up with the love and peace of Jesus Christ. When you do, your soul will be eternally blessed.

He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 
Psalm 23:3

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