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May 1, 2016


Walls. They divide and separate. Not all walls are bad. Some walls are necessary to allow for a partition like the walls in your home, school, church or office. Walls serve a purpose and act as a barrier to entry or as a barrier to sound. Barriers can protect, save lives and establish safe parameters. Some barriers are permanent while others are temporary. The worse kind of barriers are the ones that prevent you from reaching your good. They may be barriers to keep you from reaching your highest potential, someone you love or a place you call home. The good news is that barriers can be broken, breached, destroyed and crumbled. Jesus broke forever the barrier separating you and God. That separation no longer exists. Through Christ you have full access to Almighty God. There is no barrier, wall or chasm to overcome. Is this truth something you believe? Do you speak with and spend time with God enjoying the miraculous gift of total access to Him that you are privileged to have? If not, why? What's keeping you from your good in Christ? God loves you and wants to you to share in a close relationship with Him. Don't let barriers of time, your to do list, distractions, and busyness keep you from God.

For He Himself is our peace, who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall..Ephesians 2:14

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