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Apr 17, 2016

In God's Eyes

Your view of yourself and of others shapes your world. You may see the world as bleak, troubling and full of doubt or bright, joy-filled and abounding in grace. The way you see and experience things is a result of many factors. As a follower of Jesus you are called to see the world through the eyes of Christ.

How do you see yourself? Are you a person that feels insignificant or do you stand tall knowing you are a child of the Most High God? No, there is no reason to feel superior to others but there is cause to feel significant, full of purpose and called to make a difference. 

How do you see others? Are you a person that judges and sees the worse side of others or do you have a glimmer of the vision God has and see the good and light in others? Yes, there are people in the world with less than honorable intentions but God sees them as they can when they give their life to Jesus. 

It's of course impossible to have the eyes of God. Still, be challenged to live for even one day seeing beyond the window dressing of the human soul. Look deep and be open minded. There you may find a common thread to make a connection and change the world for just one person. You see, you may not be able to have the eyes of God but someone else may be saved and come to know Christ by seeing God in your eyes.

"...and you have been filled in him, who is the head over every ruler and authority." 
Colossians 2:10

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