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Jan 19, 2016


It's a great day! The sun may not be shining and it may be the middle of winter but still you are filled with joy. Your joy does not depend on the weather or the season. It is not something that requires a special 
occasion or celebration. The joy you possess is not limited. It doesn't decrease over time or require that you replenish it. Your joy can be tapped into no matter where you are at any time.

True joy is a result of knowing and having a relationship with Jesus. He is the source of joy. Jesus doesn't require you to earn joy or do something to be the recipient of it. Joy flows abundantly from Christ as you fellowship with Him. Soon, you will come to know a joy that is like no other. You will be all filled up and beaming with joy! 

The best aspect of Christ's joy is knowing that you can reach out to Him in any situation. He will provide steadfast assurance that He is in control and has your best interest well in hand. That is the biggest joy of all.

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:24

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