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Jan 10, 2016



Isn't it heart warming when actors winning awards, athletes crossing the finish line and even some brave politicians publicly thank and give praises to God?  Wow! That to me really shows character. Sure it is easy to seek God in times of trouble or hardship but it is even more important to lift our hands and voices to Him when we are blessed and full. Abundance comes from God. He will fill your cup to overflowing when you set Him as your highest priority.

Are you acknowledging God when you are blessed? It doesn't matter the season or reason just know that your gratitude and reverence to God is always something that is important.  When all is well and life is so very full you can easily become so caught up that you forget to spend time in praise and fellowship. Do not lose focus on what matters most.

Father, thank you for all your blessing and for abundance. You are our reason for our lives and we praise you for caring for, loving and keeping us. You fill us up Lord and we love you always. 

When you are full, don't forget to be reverent to him and to serve him and to use his name alone to endorse your promises. Deuteronomy 6:13

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