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Aug 17, 2014

God Knows What He's Doing

There must be a mistake! This can not be! What in the world is going on….

Perhaps you find yourself saying these or similar things. Maybe as you watch every day life unfold around you there is a sense of disbelief, confusion or even concern by what you see. All too often you may react by questioning "why". You may think that as Christ's follower the world should be different, especially for you. After all, if God is in control life should be easier for those that love and honor Him. Doesn't he care? Why doesn't he intervene and set things straight? He should step in or at least send a miraculous solution your way!

Relax! God is in control and he knows exactly what he is doing. Just take a look in your Bible and you will see plenty of examples of those that wonder just as you do. Abraham and Sarah thought God was wrong when he said they would have a son. Joseph felt alone and helpless in his circumstances but God had the perfect plan for his life. Even the apostles wondered what was happening when Jesus was put to death but they soon learned the event was necessary for an eternal miracle to occur. 

Take heart today and know that no matter how dismal things seem, God has a plan and is in control! He is the God of miracles and wonders. His mighty arm is not to short to touch your life and your situation and have things turn out for good. No matter what is happening, keep looking up. God's knows you and sees you. He has things handled just trust him and see.

"Do you still want to argue with the Almighty One? Or will you yield? Do you - God's critic - have the answer? Job 40:2

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