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Jul 20, 2014

Hope in Christ

It has been said that "hope is not a plan". Even so, hope is an important ingredient for life. Hope provides the will and desire to proceed and go on. It adds strength and determination. Hope is a silent pray that things will turn out a certain way and is proof that the human spirit is resilient and optimistic.

Still, the greatest hope of all is Jesus Christ and the promises we have in him. He is the peg on which all hope hangs. He is the reason we can lift our head high and have confidence of the future. The world has had its share of leaders making false promises of hope. True hope lies in Christ alone. Are you placing your hope in Jesus? He will never let you down. In fact, he has gone to prepare a place for you and has promised to return soon. Now that is something worth hoping for.

"From them will come the Cornerstone, the Peg on which all hope hangs, the Bow that wins the battle, the Ruler over all the earth." Zechariah 10:4

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