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Jun 3, 2014

Prayer Warrior

Are you a prayer warrior? Do you keep a prayer list? You know, a written list of the names of those that you have promised to pray for? Perhaps you have a prayer journal or a book where you jot down the prayers of your heart and check them off as they are answered. Whatever method you select, praying for others is an important act of faith not just a mere promise. You must have faith that God hears your prayer and that he accepts it on behave of the person you are praying for. 

It is a big job being a prayer warrior. It takes time, commitment and focus. Still, the role is very important and no one can play it quite like you. Pray on with confidence whether you are 
praying for someone that is ill and can't pray for themselves or on behalf of someone that understands the power of prayer multiplies when two or more pray. God knows your prayer means even more when you pray for someone else because you are coming to him on their behalf. If you are taking the time to pray for someone God understands that the very essence of your prayer is love.  Give thanks and know that God has the situation well in hand. When God's will and glory is demonstrated,  even if the outcome is different than you asked, remember to praise him. 

You can spend your time on earth in so many ways. The most powerful time you spend will be when you are in prayer for yourself and for others.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22

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