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Jun 8, 2014

Love Song

Many love songs have been written and sung over the years. Lyrics and music tell of heartfelt emotion. Each love song shares in common the expression of strong desire, unending commitment and deep affection. Perhaps you have a few favorite love songs you know that speak of forever, sacrifice, putting hearts above heads, being inseparable and doing anything to stay together. Love is such a strong emotion. It is said to be the greatest emotion of all. Nothing can compare to true love and love songs have a way of telling the story so universally.

Still, the greatest love song ever was not a Grammy winner or one played by a famous orchestra.  It didn't sell millions of copies and wasn't performed on national TV. The greatest love song of all doesn't have words and harmony familiar enough to be selected as the couples first dance song at a wedding. The greatest love song of all is the one written, produced, and performed by Jesus Christ when he gave his life for your sins so that you could live with him in eternity forever. Nothing can compare to the love Christ has for you. He loves you completely, fully, eternally, and more than you will ever comprehend. Now that is a love worth singing about.  

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