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Feb 16, 2014

Tiny Treasures

Do you like collecting and displaying treasures? Antiques, sports memorabilia, works of art, gifts made by the children in your life can all become treasures displayed or stored up. They may have monetary value or just mean the world to you. Each represents a special memory or gift and, in fact, the smallest of them may be the most special or sacred to you. 

Your life in Jesus Christ is filled with tiny treasures. Some may even be so small they go unnoticed. People, experiences and blessings create the treasure landscape that stretches out through your lifetime. The best way to appreciate these God given treasures is to stop, take note of and celebrate them. Keeping a Blessings Journal, or simply pausing each day as part of your routine to reflect on your blessings, is an excellent way to appreciate what God has provided. Family, friends, opportunities, healed injuries or illnesses, promotions, marriage, births, and a place to call home are all part of the treasures in your life. These treasures, big and small, are gifts from God that might silently be received without much gratitude or praise. 

Give thanks, be grateful and recognize God's mighty hand upon your life. Whether you realize it or not - You Are God's Treasure! He loves you and desires to bless you always.

"Now they know, everything I have is a gift from God…" John 17:7

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