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Dec 7, 2013

Light of the World

It 's winter and the days are shorter with less hours of daylight. The change to standard time coupled with the season makes this time of year even darker. Still, there is beautiful light in the month of December because of the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday. Christmas lights on rooftops, trees, wreaths, poles and even the red and green traffic lights brighten our lives. Candle lights flicker all aglow. Light symbolizes and reminds us of Jesus, The Light of the World. He is the light in the darkness providing hope, joy and comfort to all. 

This Christmas, as you light candles or place strings of lights on your tree or mantle, praise God for the gift of his Son Jesus. When you are out and about passing lights that others have placed in celebration, lift them up in prayer and ask God's blessing on them. See, you too radiate the light of Christ. The more time you spend in his Word and in his presence the brighter you shine! You may not realize the way your light brightens the world of those around you. Your kindness, prayer and care for others makes a difference. Light spreads and can not be contained, so let your light and the love of Christ be the glow that shines all winter long.

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Psalms 18:28

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