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Oct 27, 2013


You may have heard the expression "It is not what you know. It is who you know." This refers to the favor or special handling provided when you have "connections" to someone in authority or with the means to provide what you need. Doors are opened and obstacles are removed seemingly by magic or a miracle. Some call it pulling a few strings, but really it is simply using influence to break through barriers or obstacles that would otherwise prevent you from achieving a goal. That goal may be getting a loan, landing a job, accessing a place or tickets to an event, or forgiving a debt or other matter.

It is great to have connections and often you can improve your chances of such a privilege by networking or belonging to organizations, clubs, or other social and professional groups. Still, when it comes to life matters you don't need to seek special favors. You have immediate and constant access to the One that has connections to everything; Jesus Christ. 

Jesus is able to meet any need, fill any gap and right any wrong. He has provided you favor and grace. He has closed the chasm caused by sin that separated you from God the Father. He is the One and Only source that you need to move mountains, eliminate hurt, heal and repair and create opportunities. Jesus is the Connection. How are you doing with connecting with him so that he can fill you up to overflowing?

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