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Feb 10, 2013

The Greatest is Love

If you were asked to describe the strongest thing on earth how would you reply? It is possible that you would describe a strong animal such as a tiger or lion. You could describe strong substances like diamonds for example. Still, you may respond by listing the names of the strongest men and woman in the world including those that have given their lives for others.

Truly though, the strongest thing on earth is not a substance, animal or a person. The strongest thing on earth is love. Love knows no boundaries; it has no beginning and no end. Love transcends space and time. It fills beyond measure and can right any wrong. Love is the subject of song, poetry, and movies. It is the reason for the beating of our hearts.

God is love and it is because of his love that we have salvation through Christ Jesus. God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to demonstrate the power of love. For it is only through him, and his example, that we have come to experience and enjoy love.  Yes, there is no doubt about it, the strongest and greatest thing of all is love.

Three things will last forever- faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

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