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Feb 17, 2013


This weekend we acquired a new puppy. She is precious to say the least. Everyone that meets her instantly is taken by her sweet face and demeanor. It is really quite funny to watch woman when they meet her because they say "oh" and "ah". Even grown men find themselves smiling from ear to ear. Yes, she is a precious creature from the Lord but all this fuss over a small puppy really opened my eyes.

Believe it or not, you are even more precious in God's sight than this small adorable puppy is to the people that she meets. God created you and loves you just as you are. You may feel less than adequate, or believe that you are not as special as God knows you to be. See, to Him you are important. He loves you and has His fingerprints all over you. In fact, you are the apple of His eye. Now that is really something precious.

"Keep me as the apple of your eye: hide me in the shadow of your wings..." Psalm 17:8

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