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Nov 25, 2012

Thank God

The turkey leftovers are well underway and the plunge into the Christmas season is in full swing. We Americans don't waste much time transitioning from one holiday to the next. In fact, it is as if we are in a race to accomplish the next season before any one of our friends or family. Up with the Christmas decorations and the tree and get down to business with holiday shopping. If you are like most people, you spend more time preparing for the holidays then with God thanking Him for all your blessings. You may even be one of the many people feeling angry with God for the lack in your life. It may be the lack of a job or the perfect job that you have your heart set on. You may be suffering from a loss of  health with symptoms that never subside. You, like many others, may be adjusting to a decrease in income due to increased costs or life issues.

No matter the reason or season, the simple act of gratitude and praise can refocus you what really matters most. Let's face it, life is not perfect, but your life in Christ is enough to be thankful for. Just think, the Almighty God of the Universe loves you! He cares about you. He created and knows you better than you know yourself. He is your unlimited supply, your greatest gift and your biggest fan. Have you spent time with him lately? Have you thanked, loved or acknowledged him? You don't need an appointment. His heart is always open to you, his ears always hear, and his eyes always see you just as you are. To him you are a precious and your relationship with him means more than anything. Thank God. Tell him you adore him. List for him all the details of the beauty and blessings in your life and say with absolute gratitude "My life is made perfect through you Jesus. Thank you for giving your life for me."

"He alone has authority over the earth and dispenses justice for the world. If God were to withdraw his Spirit, all life would disappear and mankind would turn again to dust." Job 35:13-14

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