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Aug 19, 2012

Never Ending

The journey through life is not always easy. In fact, there can be never ending struggles. There are ups, downs and way downs. There are times of joys and times of sorrow. It often feels as if you take two steps forward and three steps back. Just when you think you have things figured out, the journey can take you on an unfamiliar or nerve-raking route. You set your sights ahead on the light at the end of the tunnel and find that the tunnel is as you journey through obstacles, road blocks, and even U turns.

Do not believe for one moment that you will be defeated on the journey. Jesus Christ is your guide and your travel partner. He is there to support you through the bumps in the road and leaves your side. He is your strength, light, hope, joy, wisdom, peace, way finder, friend and God. He does not tire and is always open to hear your concerns, prayers or pleas. He knows every issue and cares about all that you have encountered and continue to encounter on the journey.

The challenges of life may feel never ending, but the truth is that every step is taking you on the perfect path to experience all that God has promised. His love, patience and care is everlasting. He will counter all your fears, bless all your moments and be there all along the way no matter what. His love is never ending.

Your sun will never set or your moon go down. I, the LORD, will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will come to an end.

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