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Jul 8, 2012

Singing Praises to the Lord

There is a songbird by our house that has been serenading us for weeks. It is just amazing how loud this little bird is. The serenading begins before 5 a.m. and lasts several hours. There are no other birds singing, just this single one, usually atop a house nearby. The bird sings non-stop and has quite a repitoire of songs. I just can not imagine how God fit all that sound and spirit in such a tiny little bird! It is really quite incredible. It is as though this particular songbird is singing praise to the Lord every day.

The bird's serenading made me think about how there may only be a few people praising the Lord each day out of all the many people upon the earth. There actually may be even fewer praising Him no matter what and without ceasing. What about you? Is it part of your daily routine to praise God in the face of adversity or joy? Are you singing songs of love and admiration or is your current tune one of despair and sorrow? Jesus loves hearing your song no matter what the melody, tempo, and lyrics. To Him, just knowing that you are in constant fellowship with Him is enough. It is an amazing blessing to be able to sing praises to God and experience His loving response. There is nothing else in life that compares. Now that is absolutely worth singing about!

Tell everyone on this earth to sing happy songs in praise of the LORD. Psalm 98:4

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