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Jun 5, 2011

I Love You More

The word "love" is throw around so casually. You might hear someone saying they love their iPhone, flat screen TV, home, Starbuck's coffee, even their car. Really? It could just be an expression of adoration or it could be that these material and worldly things have truly become one of their life's loves. In fact, they may take the place of a love that should be the most important; the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may say that you could never love anything more than you love the Lord and mean that whole heartedly. Still, there is an easy way to tell what consumes your heart's desires. Just take a quick inventory. Is the majority of your "free" time, talent and treasures spent on loving and serving the Lord or is it being taken up by social media, technology, hobbies, or reality TV for example? Do you compartmentalize God only into your Sunday morning or are you including Him in your work, finances, marriage, parenting, and social activities? God loves you more than anything and He wants you to share in a relationship with Him where He is your first love. There you will find amazing truths, incredible wonders, strength, peace, and care like nowhere else. Don't let the your recent worldly craze, fad, or love take away from the most precious gift you will ever receive; eternal love and life in Jesus Christ.

   "But I do have something against you! And it is this: You don't have as much love as you used to. Think about where you have fallen from, and then turn back and do as you did at first. If you don't turn back, I will come and take away your lamp stand." Revelation 2:4-5

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