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Aug 29, 2010

 Name Above All Names

Recently, my daughter got a puppy. Yes, he is adorable but like all puppies he requires a lot of attention and care. The puppy of course needed a name. There were so many to choose from and the final decision was important since his name would be around for a long time. A friend warned my daughter to select the name very carefully noting that she had named her dog chewy and it ate through the door. Another dog named Houdini could never be found and their dog named Bear, well.... you get the idea. So, after much discussion and contemplation the puppy received his name. He is named Tucker because he runs and runs, and then just plain tuckers out! 

Yes, names are important, whether it is for a new puppy, a new baby or a new business. There is one name that is above all names and that name in Jesus. He is the Mighty One, Counselor, King of Peace, Lord of Lords. He is Savior, High Priest, Hope, Bread of Life, Everlasting. His name can move Heaven and earth. There is no other name now, in the past, or to come that is as glorious, majestic, or  powerful. When you pray in the name of Jesus you can be confident that your prayer is heard. You can be sure that He knows your name and that His love for you will sustain you always. Call on the name above all names. Call on  Jesus and be blessed.
"In his name the nations will put their hope." Matthew 12:21

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