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May 2, 2010

 Uniquely Designed In Christ

There are many references in the scriptures to God being the potter, designer, and molder of our lives. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, He lifts us up and shapes us into the perfect vessel for pouring the riches of his glory into. The vessel may not look perfect to you. You may not like the shape that you were molded into or the proportion, color or fact that you have a few cracks or pieces missing. Perhaps you feel:

- unworthy (Psalm 31:11-12)
- like a failure (Jeremiah 18:4)
- inadequate (Romans 19:20-21)

Consider this. In your kitchen is your favorite cup that you have morning coffee or tea in. You know the one. It may be new, but could be old; even an antique. It has a certain handle, size, and feel that you so enjoy. It is unlike any other cup in your cupboard. You use it because you like it so very much. If it is dirty from use the day before, you will wash it and dry it because you like using it every day. It actually makes you feel comfortable and brings you joy.

God considers you His cup. Your life in Christ is fashioned in a way that brings joy and glory to God. You were not only shaped and molded by His hands, but you were paid for with His blood. You were formed by His own artistic desire to fulfill a purpose in this generation that only you can fill. There never has been, nor will there ever be, another just like you! You are special to Him and He desires to enjoy you. You are exactly what He wants you to be. Oh yes, occasionally you lose your way and stumble into something you shouldn't, but He is happy to lift you up and make you clean again. He will continue to enjoy you, and use you, forever because you belong to Him. You fulfill a purpose that only you can. That is why you are the unique person in Christ that you have come to be.

Woe to those who try to hide their plans from God, who try to keep Him in the dark concerning what they plan to do! "God can't see us," they say to themselves. "He doesn't know what is going on!" How stupid can they be? Isn't He, the Potter, greater than you, the jars He made? Will you say to Him, "He didn't make us?" Does a machine call its inventor dumb? Isaiah 29:15-16

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