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Apr 18, 2010

Right Where You Are

Like most people, you more than likely have planned a trip to the perfect vacation spot, your favorite music concert or team sporting event. You may have purchased the tickets well in advance, planned the travel to the event, maybe even gone shopping for new clothes, a new picnic basket, or your favorite team's jersey to get you in the spirit. With great anticipation you look forward to the time when you can finally get to the place you set your sights on. You may have to travel a long distance, endure unpleasant processes like getting through the airport, waiting in line, even walking for what seems like miles to get to your destination. When you finally arrive you may find that you went to great lengths to get to a place or event that is not exactly what you imagined. It could be too crowded, have bad weather, or even be closed for some unforeseen reason (like perhaps a volcanic eruption!). In any event, you find that the perfect get away or excursion is less than optimal and the pilgrimage was not worth the time, energy, or cost. Disappointed you are finally glad to just get home to relax in total comfort!

You will find that the temporary pleasure vacation or excursion you plan will always fail in comparison to the wondrous and extraordinary experience of being in the presence of Jesus Christ. He does not require that you journey across the globe, venture through a security checkpoint, or walk through a crowd to be with Him. In fact, He comes to meet you right where you are. He always has and always will. If you are at home, in your car, or on a beautiful sun drenched beach, Jesus is there. He met the woman at the well, and even found Zacchaeus up in a tree. He will meet you right where you are every single time no questions asked. All you need to do is to acknowledge Him and take the time to quit your busyness and be with Him. No travel is needed to be with the One that formed the earth, set the stars in the Heavens, and knitted you in your mother's womb. Wow! What on earth are you waiting for? Experience the love, joy and peace of Christ right where you are right now.

"When Jesus came by he looked up at Zacchaeus and called him by name! Zacchaeus!, he said, Quick! Come down! For I am going to be a guest in your home today!" Luke 19:5

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