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Apr 28, 2024

You Are A Miracle

Hey, you. Yes, you reading this. Do you realize that you are a miracle? Take a deep breath. Let it go. Stop and focus for just a few minutes. Yes, I know you are busy and have no time to take a breath. This, however, is important. You seem to have forgotten, or maybe become distracted but, in any case, you keep discounting the fact that you are a miracle. There you are with all your God given talent, a deeply loved child of the Almighty God. You are designed and handcrafted in God’s love and still you act ordinary. 

Take today, for example. Did you rise proclaiming, "Lord, thank you for the miracle that I am, for all you have provided me and for your hand upon my life to display your love and beauty through me".  No. Well, you should! You should know that you are a miracle. Your life, talents, personality, strength, and uniqueness are one of a kind. 

You were created just the way you are for a purpose. Not just any purpose, rather a God-given purpose that only your miraculous self can complete. Whatever ails you, drags you down, limits you and has you doubting your greatness, is merely a tactic of the enemy to defeat the miraculous self God wants you to be. 

Don't just sit there! Stand up and demonstrate the miracle you are. God expects nothing less. In fact, he is counting on you. So am I.

You are the God who performs miracles; 
you display your power among the people.

Psalm 77:14

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