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Jan 27, 2024

The Missing Ingredient

Perhaps this has happened to you. You set out to make the perfect cake. Butter - check. Eggs - check. Sugar - check. Flour- check. Mix and bake. Wait. Something is wrong. The cake is flat. The batter looked fine. Even a secret taste test of the batter (shhh) tasted yummy. The mixer worked great; the oven was set to the right temperature. It must have been an ingredient. Oh no, the baking powder! That's what is missing. The missing ingredient resulted in a flat cake instead of a fluffy raised cake.  


A missing ingredient can also impact life. Home - check. Family- check. Career - check. Pet - check. Mix in friends and stir. Wait. Something is wrong. Life doesn't quite meet the expectations that were set. It looked pretty on the outside and sounded like it would be happy, successful, and full of love, but something went wrong. Oh, yes. There is a missing ingredient. Jesus Christ. Life without Jesus is flat and empty. It falls short of the full life that God intended and never turns out as wonderful as it could be. 


What about you? Is Jesus the main ingredient in your life or is your life Jesus-free or Jesus-lite? Is He fully integrated in your life or just sprinkled on top for appearance? The recipe for life can include all kinds of variation except for the one key ingredient that makes everything else worthwhile - Jesus Christ.


The humble shall see their God at work for them. 

No wonder they will be so glad! 

All who seek

God shall live in joy. 

Psalm 69:32

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