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Aug 21, 2022

A Letter From Christ

The Bible says you are God’s ambassador. It also says that you are a letter from Christ. You may not realize it, but you are on display representing God in your daily walk. A letter can be eloquent, matter of fact, or a word of encouragement. 

It’s not common to write or receive letters anymore which makes being one even more important. You are uniquely positioned by God to share the Gospel message of hope, love, and grace. 

So, what kind of letter from Christ are you? 

Are you: 

- A short note barely sharing Him? 

- A warning letter preaching without reaching a soul? 

- An unopened letter staying silent in fear of sharing your faith? 

- A love letter sharing Jesus and being a blessing? 

The choice is yours. No matter what though, you are a letter being viewed, and read, by others. 

God is counting on you! Deliver love letters every chance you get and change a life for eternity. 

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