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Jul 18, 2022

Be Encouraged

It’s easy to become discouraged; especially if you are looking around and spending time in the world. Instead, chose to be encouraged in Christ. When you are in Christ you will experience peace of mind, heart, and soul. No matter what the enemy throws your way, you are sheltered in the protective arms of The Most High. He goes before you and behind you. You are not alone, nor are you powerless. 

Will the enemy shoot arrows of fear, distraction, and confusion your way? Yes, because the enemy wants to discourage you and your walk with Christ. The goal is to have you give up, give in, and call it quits. Don't do it - no matter what stay in Christ. 

Be bold and courageous! Pray in the Spirit and in His will. Utilize the Word and set yourself firm in full confidence that Jesus is fighting your battle. He already is victorious and in all circumstances cares for and stands by you. You are a mighty warrior - a Christian Soldier! Keep marching and waving your spiritual sword. Ready? Set? March! 

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