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Apr 10, 2020

On the Other Side of Tomorrow

Photo credit Marilyn Drone
Times right now may be hard, confusing and quite worrisome for most of us. There are what-ifs, hows, whens, and some very candid I don't knows. If only, we should have and whys are part of the virtual and literal conversations. Truth be told we are all only human. Even with all of the fancy technology and state of the art advances we still are not, and never will be, God. 

God knows all, sees all and understands all. He is the source of life and orchestrator of the universe. His ways are different than human ways. We can never comprehend the complexity of life as God knows it; nor are we in the position to even try. Instead, we look to him in faith for grace, favor, peace, and wisdom that only he can provide. 

Yes, today may be hard, confusing and worrisome but on the other side of tomorrow there will be greater clarity. People will have discovered their purpose. Families will be stronger. Relationships will have more meaning. Things will certainly be different, however God will remain the same. He will continue to be the God of miracles and wonders and His Son will still be Savior of the world. 

On this Easter, rise up and know without a doubt that your future with Jesus Christ is gloriously secure because He is already in your tomorrow and forever.

Then Joshua told the people to purify themselves, "For tomorrow", he said, "the Lord will do a great miracle." Joshua 3:5

Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, thank you Gail, we need this today.

Unknown said...

Well spoken. He is always in control