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Mar 25, 2020

Focus on God

 Let's face it, it's a very unsettling time right now. There is an invisible virus enemy, economic fallout, illness, and great uncertainty. As you listen to or read the news you will likely grow anxious and worried. You may become focused on the negative and lose sight of the the big picture and blessings in your lives. You may believe the current reality is all there is and that things will not improve. 

The truth is you are in a "valley" on life's journey. The landscape of your life goes beyond valleys.There is a beautiful mountain top with a clear view just up ahead. You are blessed and there are so many more blessing that already have your name on them. They are yours! They just may be out of clear focus right now. 

 Lift your sights to the Heavens.  Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will guide you along the way out of the valley and up to the highest peaks where all is clear and well. 

"But when I am afraid. I will put my trust in you."
Psalms 56:3

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