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Jun 16, 2018

Be Still

Photo Credit Casie Steele @ https://www.instagram.com/steeleapeek/

Running. Getting through the list. First things first and then the next and the next. Just getting it done, completed, finished. Except it is never done. The list continues with new or repeating priorities, things to do, run after, feed, water or conquer. So you strap on your "I got this" attitude and set forth alone to seize the day. 

Wait! You are not alone. God has provided an ample dose of strength  wisdom, and grace to guide you on the daily journey. Are you taking the time in all of your busyness to be still and talked with Him about what you need in your day? Have you asked for wisdom, peace, favor? If you haven't, you are missing the greatest gift available to you. 

Maybe you are one who has never known the absolute small piece of Heaven being still can provide to you. I challenge you to find 10 minutes each day this week to just be still. In stillness there is peace; there is awareness of the reason you were created. In stillness is the source of your strength and your resilience. In stillness there is God. Slow down, quiet your mind, listen up. Yes, just be still. See, that is God talking to your heart. 

"The Lord your God is giving you rest and has granted you this land." Joshua 1:13

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