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Apr 16, 2017

The Cross

Some years ago I attended an event put on by a friend to sell her mom's handmade jewelry. There were many, many pieces to choose from. Each was arranged and on display on various holders throughout the dining, living and family rooms. There were pieces with various beautiful gem stones, some silver and other items. 

It happened that a neighbor's child was over playing with my friend's children. They were about 8 years old at the time. The children were all looking at the jewelry. The neighbor child had been given some money by her mother to select and purchase a piece that she wanted. The girl looked carefully throughout the rooms inspecting various items she thought she might like that were in the price range she could afford. She kept coming back to a particular piece. It was a cross.

Soon she said to my friend's mom, "I know which one I want to buy. I want to buy the plus sign please." My friend's mom looked over and saw the cross and explained that this was not a plus sign but rather a cross that was a symbol for the love and hope of Jesus Christ. "He died for you and this cross represent His promise for you to be with Him and God the Father in Heaven." the little girl was told. We were all in awe to see this child drawn to the cross even with all the pieces she could have selected.

Well, she was just fine with the Jesus story but knew nothing about him. She just thought that the plus sign was the most beautiful piece of jewelry and she wanted it. It seemed the power of the cross had moved her soul. The girl bought the cross went home. 

It wasn't very long when she returned saying that her mom sent her to give back the cross and get her money back. The girl's mom was Muslim and did not approve as she understood the symbol to be the cross of Jesus Christ. Her money was returned and off she went. We all were quite amazed. It was unfortunate that the child could not keep the plus sign she desired, however, at least she heard about Jesus. Maybe later in life she will make a choice to add Jesus to her life and follow him as her Lord and Savior. 

Jesus is a positive addition to any life and the cross symbolizes His sacrifice for you. With Him in your life you have all you need. You need not do anything to gain His love. He has done it all. It is finished. Paid in full. That is the real plus and you are blessed to have received Him.

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

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