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Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Presence

It's here! Do you sense the excitement in the air? The Lord Jesus is having a birthday and everyone is invited to celebrate. There is no need for a special invitation and you are not required to RSVP. The invitation is open to the entire world. Now that is a huge birthday celebration!

This is the most incredible event of the entire year - it is Christmas present.
Many will celebrate with strings of lights and colorful trees filled up with beautiful ornaments. Others will bring in the day with carols and sharing the wishes of Merry Christmas. The most popular way to celebrate is with gifts. Gifts large and small, handmade and store bought, baked and assembled with love, will be exchanged. 

Presents are wonderful but the very best part of Christmas is being with those you love. There is no better gift than the gift of presence; the shepherds new this timeless secret. Though they were poor they paid tribute to the Christ Child with their presence and praise. This Christmas may your heart be filled with love and may you be blessed to be in the presence of those that matter most to you.

Merry Christmas Present From The Daily Journey

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