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Aug 12, 2016

Life's Seasons

Photo credit Alyce Kennedy

School started this week in many neighborhoods. It seems that children learn better with a shorter summer break so they return to school earlier than years ago. Gone are the days of an entire summer off with the once dreaded Tuesday after Labor Day first day of school.It seems strange and sort of illogical to have children going to school in the hottest monh of the summer. The days are long with lots of daylight savings time but it's bedtime none the less. 
Summer now seems shorter. Even retail stores fall season items have managed to appear on the shelves. Christmas won't be far behind. The seasons are upon us faster and faster. It's like summer with a smidgen of fall or fall with a bit of winter. 

Life's seasons seem to be slipping by much quicker as well.  Apparently the older you become the faster time ticks away (or so it seems). Perhaps that is because are lives are so busy and filled with distractions. It may have been many seasons ago when you first came to know the Lord. Perhaps you were a child or teen. It doesn't matter though. The Lord loves you just the same no matter the season of the year or season of your life. You are His creation and He loves watching you move from season to season rooted in Him. See, the world changes and the seasons change but God remains the same no matter what.

Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:2

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