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Nov 22, 2015

Giving Thanks

Our ancestors really knew us well. They understood that we needed to be reminded to stop and give thanks to God. It must have been obvious to them that we are people programmed to receive. If you doubt that just take a look around you. More and more you will see the focus on gaining, getting and being given more and more for less and less effort. In addition, it has become a holiday tradition to focus on commercialism, shopping and creating profit rather than what the purpose of Thanksgiving and the season was created for. 

Perhaps you have fallen into the trap too. It's never too late to reverse the trend. Start this Thanksgiving. Praise God. Give Him true thanks. Show gratitude through prayer, worship, saying grace before the meal on Thanksgiving and all through the year. Give of your gifts and talents graciously. Bless others. Have gratitude for what matters most. 

Remember, it really isn't important if the table you gather around looks like what you saw in a magazine or on Pinterest. It's not important if the turkey isn't quite moist enough, hot enough or if you have turkey at all. It isn't the end of the world if those you love are across the country or having to work. What really matters most is that the God of the Universe, the Creator of the world and the One that gave you life, loves you so much. He gave His Son so that you can be in eternity with Him forever. That is worth all the thanks you could ever give. Face it. No matter what, you are BLESSED so raise your hands to the Heavens and give thanks to God.

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving From The Daily Journey 

We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, who is and who was, for you have taken your great power and begun to reign. Revelation 11:17

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