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Jun 29, 2014

How Does God Do That?

Beyond comprehension. Divine intervention. Precise and perfect. How does God do that? A visit from a humming bird, running into the exact person you needed to see, having a miraculous solution to a complex and impossible problem. 

When things seem their worse, God has a way of turning them around for good. Provisions and protection when you had doubt and fear. Grace and mercy when you had all but given up. God's divine handiwork is breathtaking. His methods may be unusual enough to surprise even the strongest believer, but their effectiveness is assured.

God can overcome any obstacle. He can arrange the most intricate details to demonstrate his power and glory. You will find yourself mesmerized, amazed and just plain praising the Lord. In fact, you will be asking, "How did God do that?".  Others may not understand your being in awe of the turn of events. They may think you are crazy! You, however, will know that the Lord is acting in your behalf. His ways are not your ways but his ways are always exactly what you need. You are in God's favor. 

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," 
declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

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